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The SMMS 6th Grade Beginning Band is made up of 6th Graders, who for the most part have no previous musical experience. During the first week of school we will try all the students signed up for 6th Grade Band on various instruments to see which best suits them.

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7th Grade Band is a year-long class that is continuation of 6th Grade Band. This class will continue to develop students’ musical skills with even more exciting and challenging pieces of music. Students will begin to learn how to take the skills they learn and apply these concepts to their everyday band setting. 

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Scott Memorial Middle School

6th Grade Beginning Band & 7th Grade Band

The following objectives are held: 

  • To give students the experience of performing in an ensemble that requires the self discipline and group discipline that will be beneficial in academic life, and in the work force after formal education is completed.

  • To develop an appreciation and love of many varieties of music through utilizing correct performance and behavioral habits.

  • To foster a sense of pride in being a student musician at Scott Memorial Middle School.

  • To develop an understanding of music’s important role in the enrichment of the human spirit.

  • Ladies need to wear an all-black dress, black slacks with white blouse, or a black skirt with white blouse. (No print designs on dress or skirt).

  • Gentlemen need to wear black pants, black socks, and blacks shoes with a black dress shirt.


All-District Band Auditions

December 11th, 2021

John Battle High School

Winter Band Concert

December 9th, 2021

GWHS Auditorium

6:00 PM

Spring Band Concert

May 13th, 2022

GWHS Auditorium

7:00 PM

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