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Musician Resource Links

VT Music Dictionary
Dolmetsch Online Theory
Essentials of Music
Woodwind Fingerings
District 7 VBODA Information
Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors Association

The Practice Spot Online

Online Practice Record Free service for music students

Kidzone: New York Philharmonic Interactive site

Controlled Air Release Exercises


Woodwind Links

The Woodwind Fingering Guide (Fingering Charts)

Flute Links

Flute Resources for Theater and Opera

National Flute Association

Larry Krantz Flute Page

Flute World

Mark Shepard's Flute Page

JoyFlute's Flute Page

The Flute Exchange

Flute Source

Flute Lover's Emporium


Double Reed Links

Tips for Oboe

International Double Reed Society

British Double Reed Society

Oboes for Idgetz

Reed Service and Supply handmade oboe reeds.

The Charles Double Reed Company

Tips for Bassoon

Bruce Hammel's Bassoon Page

John D. Balogh's Bassoon Page

Steve Hanna's Tips for Beginning Bassoonists

Bassoon, Reeds and more...


Clarinet Links

Tips for Clarinet

The Woodwind Fingering Guide (Fingering Charts)

Joe Izen's Clarinet Fingering Guide

The Clarinet Family

Clarinet Acoustics

The Clarinet Pages

Clarinet Study Guide

ET's Clarinet Studio

Free Music Scores for Clarinets

Anne Bell's Clarinet Page

World Clarinet Alliance

The Contrabass Maniac

Clarinet Repair and Maintenance Links


Saxophone Links

Tips for Saxophone

International Saxophone Home Page

North American Saxophone Alliance

Sax on the Web


Saxophone Study Guide

On-line Saxophone Lessons by Ryan Fraser

Canadian Brass (official)

Empire Brass

Solid Brass


Trumpet Links

Tips for Trumpet

International Trumpet Guild (ITG) Very popular site for trumpet fans

The R. Jones Trumpet Page

Bugle Calls from the US Army Bands

Taps Bugler History of Taps and other bugle calls

Transcribed Trumpet Solos Free downloadable jazz solos.

Trager's Trumpet Talk All brass fanatics welcome


French Horn Links

Tips for Horn

International Horn Society

Horn Player

The ClassicWeb French Horn Page


Stories from an Amateur Hornist Survey

Horn Planet

Trombone Links

Tips for Trombone

International Trombone Association (ITA)

The Trombone Home Page

Trombones Online

Online Trombone Journal

Trombone Page of the World

Trombonus Maximus!

Anths Trombone Page

Euphonium Links

Tips for Euphonium and Tuba

International Tuba Euphonium Association (ITEA)

The Euphonium & Baritone Homepage

Variations on the Baritone Horn and Euphonium


Tuba Links

Tips for Euphonium and Tuba

International Tuba Euphonium Association (ITEA)



Daryl Waldrop's Tribute to the Tuba

International Tuba Day

Tuba Fever!


Percussion Links

Tips for Percussion

Pearl Percussion Resources

Vic Firth Percussion Education

Percussive Arts Society

Marc Zoutendijk's Classical Percussion Site

Drum Lessons Database Online lessons from DrumBum


Virginia Tech Music Dictionary List of Rudiments


Percussion Supplies

Steve Weiss Music

Lone Star Percussion

Explorer's Percussion

Percussion Source



International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE)

What is Jazz? A four-lecture series by Dr. Billy Taylor

World of Jazz Improvisation

Smithsonian Jazz

A Passion for Jazz

Jazz Musicians Protocol by Ken Watters

Jazz in America/Thelonius Monk Institute

KJAZZ on-line radio


Music Theory

Dolmetsch On Line Theory


The Method Behind the Music

MiBAC Music Theory Reference Manual

Michael Furstner's JAZCLASS Free online lessons

Music Notes' Music Theory

VT Music Dictionary


Music History

Know Your Composers

Essentials of Music

Classical Music Navigator

Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Music History

Classical Composer Biographies

Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers

On Classical.

John Philip Sousa

Military Bands

Air Force Band

Army Band

Coast Guard Band

Marine Band

Marine Drum & Bugle Corps

Navy Band

Royal Marines Band

Royal Air Force Band

Royal Welsh Band


Media Resources

Good Ear - On Line Ear Training

University of Illinois Bands | Library Resources

Finale NotePad Free downloadable music notation software.

Sibelius Music - Large collection of scores and resources


Marching Bands and Drum Corps

Brooke Point High School Bands

Colonial Forge High School Bands

North Stafford High School Bands

Stafford High School Bands

MARCHING.COM The best in HS marching bands.

Marching Arts Directory Bands and Drum Corps directory

Tales From Band Camp Fun site for band students!

DCI - Drum Corps International

Drum Corps Repertoire Database

Carolina Classical Connection Middle Ages - 20th Cen.

British Army Band

Clip Art Links for Music

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