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The band program at George Wythe High School and Scott Memorial Middle School has been a symbol of success and pride for the high school and residents of Wytheville since the first notes were played over 68 years ago. With students ranging from 6th to 12th grade, the band program is made up the SMMS 6th and 7th Grade Bands, the GWHS 8th Grade/High School Concert Band, the Mighty Maroon Marching Band, and the GWHS Indoor Drumline and Winter Guard. With an emphasis on hard work and dedication the GWHS Concert Band is a 3 time Virginia Honor Band.

The bands are under the direction of Mr. Dan Wilner.  


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Hello band students and parents!


I hope everyone is doing well at home, I know it's a challenge right now at my house! We've been trying to stay busy with school work, projects and a new puppy! That's right, we took in a pup that was left on the side of the road with her fourteen siblings. We named her Scout. She is sweet and cute, but boy is she a handful!!! (I have attached a picture if you would like to witness the adorableness!) 


I know there are a lot of band-related items to address, so I will break down some areas of concern below. Be sure to read through the sections that apply to you. 


I will be sending out specifics for each class to be working on starting after Spring Break, so it's VITAL that you have your instrument and folder at home! Please plan to pick up Scott Memorial instruments at the parking lot door tomorrow between 9-1. If your instrument is at George Wythe, you need to schedule a time to meet with me at the band room door to pick it up. Preferably tomorrow between 9-2. If you need other arrangements, please email or call me at 276-620-0606. 


It breaks my heart for our seniors to not have their last band concert or to play their last performance with the band at graduation. I love you guys, thanks for everything!


Parents: Sadly, there will not be a Spring Concert this year. I really wanted you to see the progress each group has made through the year, they really sounded tremendous! Please sign up for my class(es) on remind and check our website (maroonband.com) for updates and information.


Students: I know sometimes I'm tough and demanding in class, but I really do love and miss you guys. We have so many talented and unique members. Thank you for making our band program great! With everything on hold, we may get behind, but the future looks very bright for our band program! Keep in mind, students around the globe are going through the same thing we are right now. We are eventually going to get back to life as usual and will once again thrive. I highly suggest you keep using music in your life, whether listening, playing or singing. Playing your band instruments, piano, guitar, or whatever is a great outlet for your creativity. Making music is good for the mind, body, and therapeutic for the soul! There are so many resources on the internet and youtube, you can do just about anything and find all kinds of free sheet music. I am so thankful for what music has meant to me, so as your teacher, if I can pass on any of that passion to you, I will have been successful! 



6th Grade Band

I'm so proud of the progress you all made this year! Remember back to the first days of playing! You could barely put your instruments together! I was looking forward to your first Spring Concert to show off how talented you all are! I hope you all continue with band next year, we are planning to travel to Carowinds for a fun day of rides and a performance! 


Make sure you get your instruments from the school and keep working through the songs in your book. I will send out more specific things for you for after spring break in the coming days.


Parents, in past years we have allowed some 7th grade band members to participate in the GW Marching Band. If you and your child are interested in this possibility, please read the section below marked "GW Marching Band."



7th Grade Band


Well, I guess I owe you guys a trip to Carowinds! I really hate that it didn't work out, you all were going to be the first 7th grade band I took for a festival performance. Thank you all for sticking with band, I think you are going to love the music you will get to play at the high school next year. And, as long as we don't have to keep dealing with restrictions, you can be sure you will have other opportunities to travel and perform with the band! 


Make sure you get your instruments and books from the school. Keep working through the songs in books 2 and I'll send more detailed instructions for after spring break in the coming days.


BTW, I highly encourage you all to join the GW Marching Band! As long as your in good standing grade and discipline-wise, you do not have to audition! If you do other fall activities, you may still be able to participate!!! Please check with me on an individual basis and we can see what we can work out. If you are interested, please see the section below marked "GW Marching Band." Be sure to email me if you plan to participate or have ANY questions.



G.W. Concert Band/8th Grade Band


I will post information regarding the New York City trip in a section below. 


So, no spring concert :(   You guys were doing a great job handling the challenging literature I was throwing at you, and I'm really proud of how you all have grown as young musicians. Your maturity was really beginning to shine through and I hate that we didn't get to see it all the way to the end. I really have no idea what the plan will be for graduation at this point, but I would be surprised if we would be involved in any way considering the circumstances.


Please make sure you have an instrument at home to practice! I can help you get one if you don't already, please let me know. I don't have any new music for you to work on, but you can always look through your folder or method books for things to play through. I will send out more specifics on what to work on after spring break in the coming days.


Seniors, thank you all so much for being a part of this crazy adventure! I appreciate all that you have done and meant to our program, and to me! I wish you all the absolute best with your future endeavors! Please know that Mr. Lewis and I are here for anything you need down the road, especially for recommendations, referrals and volunteer hours. You are always welcome and have a home with GW Band family!


Those of you who are not in marching band, I truly believe you are missing out on the best part of what our band program has to offer. I hope that you will consider joining our ranks this year! Even if you do other fall activities, there are ways we can work to include you. If interested, please see the info below and be sure to email me with any questions or concerns.



GW Marching Band


There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the summer months at this point, but as long as there is football, there will be marching band! I don't have all the answers right now for sure, but I can tell you what I do know:

  • We are planning as if we will be having band camp as scheduled. 

  • We will hold off on any fees until we know more

  • Our show is "The Fire Within," by Gary P. Gilroy (you can listen to it on youtube!)

  • IF, once again, that's IF we are unable to have band camp, I will plan to use an easier show with less drill that we can put together quickly

  • We will start percussion placement, color guard tryouts, 7th grade tryouts, and drum major tryouts AS SOON AS WE ARE ALLOWED! Please email me if you are interested in being the 2020 Drum Major!

  • We will post show music on the website when available

  • All updates will be sent out on remind and updated on our website: maroonband.com

  • Please look over last year's marching band agreement and common questions section of our website for more info: https://www.maroonband.com/mighty-maroon-marching-band This will be updated for the current year when we know more!


PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO PARTICIPATE IN MARCHING BAND! I will need this info so we can prepare our drill design!


Between Mr. Lewis, Gage, Heather and myself, we are committed to making this a positive experience for you, no matter the circumstances. Last season, we struggled with some timing issues. This season, our pit percussion will be on the field (and amplified) behind the band to help alleviate some of that. We are always trying to improve! As always, please email me with any questions or concerns you may have! MAROON PRIDE!



New York City Trip


Well, a trip that has been in the making for two years was supposed to start tonight. Who could have known that New York City would become literally the last place on earth people want to travel to right now! With so much uncertainty regarding a timeline on what to expect, it doesn't look feasible for us to travel there within the next several months.

I've been discussing this with the GW administrators, parents, and our travel company trying to figure out the best course of action. I think there is little doubt left that the best choice is to cancel the trip entirely. This way, we can start the process of trying to get as much money back as possible. I will be working with Kaleidoscope Adventures to start the process. I am not certain what to expect, but I know our initial $150 is considered "nonrefundable," and goes towards the time and services they have used thus far in setting up our trip. I know many of you have purchased the trip insurance. I honestly don't know very much about how this all works, but I personally purchased it for Sam and will be going through the claims procedure. I have no idea how long it will take until you have a refund at this point, but I will do what I can to expedite the process. We are in this together! I will do what I can to help, and if you have anything helpful to share, please do so!


All large trips of this nature are on hold for now, but we certainly won't be doing anything like this next year. It's unfortunate, and no one is more disappointed than me. Hopefully, we can get the majority of our money back, which we could all probably use right now! We will attempt to do a day trip to Carowinds, or something along those lines, next Spring.



My recovery


As most of you know, I had surgery on my inner ear to fix a hole in my upper ear canal about three weeks ago. The recovery has been challenging, with lots of ups and downs, but I'm progressively getting back to normal. I have had to deal with some serious vertigo (feels like the rooms spinning) and general dizziness every time I move my head. My hearing should eventually return to normal, but for now it's very muffled and I have a lot of ringing. They say it takes about 6 weeks to 3 months to get back to normal, and I am certainly looking forward to that!



Well, that's it for now! Please let me know if you need help getting your instrument. I'll be in touch with more info soon! :)


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